In 2007 I brought up the idea of improving my audio system, constant idea in sound lovers, without having to make a great investment of money, that is, taking advantage of existing. I started a research and, using my previous knowledge in electronics, I designed and built a prototype of a single channel circuit, which I connected between my CD player and integrated amplifier, and got some surprising results, increasing the perception of definition, especially in the ends of the audible spectrum. Then, the same circuit in a prototype of two channels, provided an increase of the amplitude of soundstage, stereo image, which is easily perceptible, in a drastic way.

First prototypes on workbench.

The time of the measurements came and, as it couldn’t be otherwise given the results of listening, were good. I was making progress in design, looking for improvement in specifications and listening tests, naturally. In 2008 I had an apparatus finished that constituted the essence of concept of The Box and I could present it to a select group of sound lovers, performing numerous test of listen with them and getting very favorable reviews.

The Box concept prototype.

In 2009 QHW Audio was founded, beginning a comprehensive task of research and development both in the design of electronic circuits and its physical realization, testing existing technologies, components and manufacturing processes, giving as result, years later, the excellent AE2270, a discrete operational amplifier specifically designed for audio that pale all others and that is the heart of all our designs.

QHW Audio only makes products for sound lovers conceived, designed and manufactured by sound lovers.

Francisco J Vizcaya Lopez, owner and musician.