Technology and design philosophy

Technology and design philosophy

“QHW Audio only makes products for sound lovers conceived, designed and manufactured by sound lovers.”

This sentence from the President of the company, is the one that most synthetic and precisely defines its philosophy.

Our main goal is to preserve intact the stereo image, getting a wide, central and very defined soundstage. The soundstage is what makes us to immerse into music and is achieved through the faithful reproduction of each detail with the lower level possible of distortion and noise and without the equipment supposing any limitation of dynamic range from original recording.


  • Symmetrical design

    • Signal path length similar in all channels.
    • Magnetic fields interference from power supply similar in all channels.
    • Keeping of stereo imaging is achieved.


  • Oversized power supplies

    with low noise and toroidal transformers-based: provide higher efficiency, which translates into less noise and less electromagnetic radiation and, therefore, better definition in the sound and the stereo image. This warrantees an stable voltage under any current demand from audio circuitry which is a must for faithful sound reproduction.

Inside The Box
Inside The Box
Star ground toppology
Star ground topology
  • Star design ground topology

    with signal ground, supply ground and security earth separated and filtered from each other. Ensures good stability and low noise level, avoiding small modulations of hum in audio signal that negatively affect the definition, producing as a result in listening “loose” bass, not tight, with diffuse attack and aggressive mid-treble and treble.
  • Discrete small signal audio design

    Usually, for small signal amplification, manufacturers and designers use integrated components. The drawback of this is that the characteristics of the amplifiers used are never perfectly adjusted to the audio playback, establishing delicate compromises between speed, bandwidth, stability and distortion, as well as not never be optimal solutions against noise in the input. The main reason for the use of the integrated electronics is the reduction of costs, as the discreet design is very expensive. QHW audio we use discreet design, in order to obtain a small signal amplifier with precise features for the creation of the perfect soundstage; with it, we do not accept commitments. Still, our design process and modular manufacturing enable to realize sustainable cost and offer our customers low profile design at a reasonable price.

    Our design process and modular manufacturing enable to realize sustainable cost and offer our customers discrete design at a reasonable price.

  • SMT technology:

    With SMT (Surface Mount Technology) used in QHW Audio’s AE2270 extremely short audio signal paths and excellent thermal coupling are achieved in amplifier resulting in a low impedance, less noise and less distortion. This supposed some steps-forward in AE2270 design.

  • Aluminium enclosure with low parts count

    An extruded aluminium of low parts counts enclosure was used, which provides good thermal coupling with exterior, since the whole enclosure can act as a heatsink. The low part count avoids microphonic effects due to vibrations, increases rigidity, and is useful for simplifying mounting, lowering costs, which gives a lower final price for our customers.


  • Hand made in Spain

    The Box is hand made in Spain. This ensures that nothing is left at random or statistical distributions of quality and a machine failure. Every detail, every solder joint, each tightening, is done with the maximum care.  And, as for QHW Audio it is never enough about quality, each unit is tested both in  measurement bench and with a listening test with real recordings, so that ensures us that your purchase will be pure satisfaction from the first moment.