QHW Audio: from sound lovers to sound lovers.

A device intended to dramatically improve sound quality of your existing audio equipment (Read more).

“Result is this ‘magic box’ changes sound for the better when we use it between source and amplifier. After adjusting volume (it goes up 6 dB due to employed buffer) sounds gain deepness, precision, and, specially dynamics: more realism. Effect is better than many esoteric cables and for less money, since The Box precisely avoids or minimizes cable effects in connection.” Josep Armengol from Revista On Off (in Spanish).

“In conclusion, whatever it is doing, it sure makes my music playback sound marvelous. It takes my daily music experience to the level of magnificent. If you want an easy, unpretentious, highly effective enhancement to your music listening pleasure, then this is a system upgrade for you. And at this price, a most excellent deal it is, too.” Richard Varey from TNT Audio.

The Box

A high quality phono preamplifier, using own designed discrete electronics, MM and MC cartridges compatible, gain up to 71 dB and impedance and capacitance adjustments, accessible from outside unit, without needing any tool or opening anything (Read more).

Both the QHW The Vinyl and the Gold Note PH-10 are a big step up from entry level products and neither disappoint. Both remained in the reference system while judging cartridges and loudspeakers, without reservation. […] The QHW The Vinyl is a highly competent and well executed design at under 1k€.” Mark Wheeler for TNT-Audio.

[The Vinyl] will meet the need of many music lovers, even for extended listening sessions without undue fatigue, with ease of use, flexibility, and quiet quality service. I’ve enjoyed my time with this product, even though it has sat quietly and unassuming, just doing it’s job really well. Of course, great records sound great, yet even some I played reluctantly were far from disappointing. A strong contender for a serious short-list.” Richard Varey for TNT-Audio.

The Vinyl