The Vinyl

There are many elements that take part to get all that information that only vinyl can give to us. Vinyl lover is awareof how difficult is to found the right combination of turntable, tonearm, cartridge, cables, turntable mat, record clamp, and get everything finely set up: tracking force, antiskating foce, ferfect cartridge alignment, etc… (Read more).

The Box

That moment of privacy with your music, your sound system, in your room, in your living room, in your office, in your bedroom. Sound lovers know perfectly that time and those feelings. Want something more; more definition, more solid bass, while adjusted, less aggressive but more precise treble, warm and greater plasticity mids… (Read more).

The Vinyl comes to make your phono preamplifier be the strongest link.

Adding The Box to your audio system is better than adding the most transparent cable you can afford.

QHW Audio only makes products for sound lovers conceived, designed and manufactured by sound lovers.